Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plans after college

In four months i will be out of high school! :D M y plan is to go college and get a degree in computer engineering. Finally teachers are going to stop nagging and being in our backs with hw, projects, and assignments. Im going to have to push myself and that is something im looking up to. I am not frightened of the things thats will happen after high school im pretty excited about it im pretty sure it will help me grow as a person. Im pretty excited about starting my new life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My life

My name is Daniel, i am 17 years old im a senior in james monroe HS. I like to have fun but i try to be more serious in school because i want to succed. My plan is to graduate high school and go to CSUN and get a degree in computer engineer. I like computer engineer because i like to take computers apart and put them back together, but sometimes i mess up and when i try to put them back they wont work so im hoping they will teach me how to put them back properly. My goals in life is to go to college so i can get a job and support a family in the future, i dont want to be breaking my back in a job that is hard, i want something easy. i enjoy playing sports. specially soccer i am not in the team because i like to play it for fun. Whenever i have free time i enjoy reading or playing video games, i almost never have free time because im always stuck with homework or other things to do. The people i hang out with in lunch are the most spontaneous people i know they will do the most random stuff everytime. We have got in trouble many time because some stuff that they do are pretty bad.